The Problem

Over one third of the world’s food is wasted every year

The Opportunity

Convert organic waste into a valuable resource

while helping the environment

The Solution

Full Circle Green Microbes

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The Future of Composting

  • Increase composting speed

  • Mitigate need for added Carbon

  • Process broad range of inputs

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

  • Minimize odors

  • Retain more nutrients for fertilizer





Full Circle Green Microbes can be used to effectively recycle organic waste in settings ranging from farms, to individual homes, to industrial scale compost facilities. All that’s required is our microbial inoculant and a container or enclosure that can be sealed to limit airflow.


Home & Garden

Easily recycle your garden and kitchen waste into a super-charged fertilizer that your plants will love.



Turn crop residuals into high quality fertilizer for your next planting, while reducing fertilizer and transportation costs.


Professional Composting

Reduce the need for carbon supplements, increase your facility’s throughput,  and eliminate odors.


Interested in using Full Circle Green Microbes?